We look for used car auctions throughout Japan. If you are concerning Land Cruiser Prado, please explore and export to Prado Specialty Shop ITV

Prado Specialty Shop I.T.V

Prado Specialty Shop & Auction Stock Search I.T.V

4-4-20-409 Minamigase, Saiwai, Kawasaki-city, Japan

(25 minutes walk from JR Shinakawasaki station)

Business hours
Regular holiday 

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Service information

We will introduce our service.

Search and sell Auctioned Cars

Look for one unit that fits your
needs from among auction
registration vehicles dedicated
to over 40,000 units.  In general
dealers, we sell it from our

The average stock period is about
2-3 months. Therefore, the price
purchased by the dealer will remain
at the price three months ago.   
However,   the average price of
used cars will drop by about 7% per month.

Therefore, purchasing from the
auction is the cheapest way to
purchase it. 
We will investigate quickly within 4
days and respond.   
We will not contact you if I can not
find it.                                                                                                          
We do not do any unnecessary
sales or persistent sales calls.

Please do not hesitate to contact us.

Auction inventory
Self-seachable service

We will issue a ”One-time
Password ”of auction upon
This allowsyou to search
auction  inventory for up to
two weeks.
You can slowly search for one that
you like from within over 40,000
inventory at home.

Even if you request a one-time
password,  you are not obliged to
purchase it.

If you do not find the car you want, 
you do not need anything related to

  Service to add a car photo

The data of the car provided from
the auction is a picture of the
auction seat and the vehicle.
Depending on the auction site,
the number of pictures may not
be enough.

So, there is a service called 
preview of the current car atthe
auction site. There is a venue to
respond to photo shoot
withoption of preview service.

We will use this service to acquire
additional photos of your car and
send it.
Please specify the part that you
need pictures with your desired car.

However, previewing service may
not be available at the venue or
by car. In this case additional
photos can not be obtained.
Please forgive me ahead.

Photographs are taken and
transmitted as quickly as possible.
However, it takes a few days
depending on the venue.
No cost is required for
photography and transmission.

There is no obligation to purchase
by sending photos.
Please do not worry.