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I will introduce "FQA".
Please refer to it.


  • How to distinguish cheap
    and good Prado ?
  • What is the point when looking for
    used cars of Japanese cars ?
  • How to import Japanese cars 
    to Kenya and its cost ?
  • Can I loan it?

  • How to distinguish
    cheap and good Prado ?

Notice the relationship
between year and distance 

The most influential on the price of used
cars is mileage and year.

Years are old, cars with long mileage
prices are cheaper.

But it is natural that this is cheap.

It is not recommended much.

So how about a relatively new,
longer car?

If there is no repair history, noises
in the engine, oil leaks,

That car will be a remarkable car.

Looking for a car with a long mileage
in a new model car

It is a good way to see.

  • What is the point when
    looking for used cars of
    Japanese cars ?

The most remarkable point is
the repair history

The most noteworthy point in the state
of a used car is the repair history.

According to a survey of British
insurance companies, the repair history

A car was reported to have a 20%
chance of failing.

How can I know the repair history

It needs to see the auction seat.

There is a repair history when the
grade of the auction sheet is R.

You should avoid cars with restored
history as much as possible.

Most of the cars introduced by
I.T.V are auction sheets
It is possible to confirm.

  • How to import Japanese
    cars to Kenya and its
    cost ?

Please check the import
regulation in your country,
the obligation of inspection

Regarding used car import restrictions in
your country

please confirm.
In many countries in East Africa, yearly
regulations and
There is an obligation of export inspection.
In Kenya's example, within 7 years of
An inspection is required.
Pre-export inspection, customs clearance,
shipping etc.
All operations related to export will be
done here.
Customs clearance in your country,
payment of import duties, domestic
transport etc.
Customer handling of importation in
your country will be arranged.
 In addition to FOB expenses as
export costs,
Fare, inspection fee, etc. are required.
When exporting Prado to Kenya,
It is approximately 900 dollars
FOB+frait + inspection fee.
It is the cost as of 2018/11.
Due to changes in freight and dollar
/ yen rate
Costs will fluctuate from time to time.
Please confirm the latest information
to I.T.V.

  • Can I loan it?

    We are preparing for
     Kenya customers

Currently, we are preparing
correspondence for customers
in Kenya.

First we will proceed to
prepare for companies and

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