We look for used car auctions throughout Japan. If you are concerning Land Cruiser Prado, please explore and export to Prado Specialty Shop ITV

Prado Specialty Shop I.T.V

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4-4-20-409 Minamigase, Saiwai, Kawasaki-city, Japan

(25 minutes walk from JR Shinakawasaki station)

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Second-hand car exportNane I.T.V
Representative Kunio Ito
Address 4-4-20-409 Minamigase, Saiwaiーku,
Kawasaki-shi, 212-0055
TEL +8190-3305-8551
Business hours 12:00~21:00
Regular holiday Monday, Tuesday
Main services Used car export


November 2010 Establishment


25 minutes walk from
JR Shinakawasaki station