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Introduction of recommended car

◆TRJ150 TX 2012 23000km◆

Sold Out

Side Air Bags, One Owner
2012/2 23000km , Black
5 Seats
Low Mileage
Auction Grade 4 -/C
CD, FM, AM Audio

i no.190208 478

◆TRJ150 TX 2012 57000km◆

Sold Out

Back monitor, HID
2012/2 57000km , Black
5 Seats
Leather style seat cover
TV Monitor SD, FM, AM Audio

i no.190207 401

◆TRJ150 TX 2014 68000km◆

Sold Oout

Back monitor, Roof rail
2014/9 68000km , Black
7 Seats
Auction Grade 4.5 -/B by KMAA
Back Monitor, One Owner
TV Monitor SD, FM, AM Audio

i no.190204 140i

◆TRJ150 TX 2013 41000km◆

Side Air Bag
2013/6 41000km , Black
5 Seats
Auction Grade 4 B/B by AIS
Back Monitor
TV Monitor HDD, FM, AM Audio

i no.190203 094

◆TRJ150 TX 2014 L PKG 51000km◆

Sold Out

Cruse CTL, Leather seat
2014/10 51000km , Black
7 Seats
One Owner, Back Monitor
TV Monitor SD, FM, AM Audio

i no.190201 415

◆TRJ150 TX  2014 55000km◆

Sold Out

Sunroof, DVD
2014/8 55000km , Black
5 Seats
Roof rail, Back Monitor
TV Monitor DVD, FM, AM Audio

i no.190131 081