We look for used car auctions throughout Japan. If you are concerning Land Cruiser Prado, please explore and export to Prado Specialty Shop ITV

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Auction inventory search service

Auction venue stock car picture

Let us Introduction about auction
inventory search service

You can access the auction site
located all over Japan.

We would like to request one of the
huge inventory from over 40 thousand

I will search within 4 days.



Search service is free of

You can access a vast
number of inventory
vehicles over 40,000
in Japan.

We will respond to every need.

You can access the stock of auction
sites in various parts of Japan.

There are always more than 40,000
stocks at all times.
For this reason you can quickly see
one of your wishes within 4 days. 

Even when looking for a car in a hurry,
please leave it at ease.

We respond to circumstances as
much as possible.

The lowest cost to
purchase from the
auction now

The auction rate declined by about 7% in one month

In general secondhand car dealers,
we will purchase from the auction
beforehand and become inventory.

The stock period of inventory is 2-3
months. For this reason, the
purchase price of the dealer is fixed
to the price three months ago.

However, used car prices will drop
by 7% in one month. For this reason
purchasing now is the secret to
purchase at the lowest cost.

Let's know the secret that will be
a high price in stock of dealers.
You can see how to get a car at
a low cost

We can check the
auction seat.
Repair history The
discrimination of
the car is reliable.

Case of an auction sheet.
Click to enlarge

Commentary on the auction sheet.
Click to enlarge

Most of the cars handled by I.T.V
can prepare auction sheets.
Here you can check the auction

If the auction grade is other than
R, 3.5 or 4, there is no repair history.

Check the auction sheet and look
for vehicles without repair history.

Car without repair history has few
worries about breakdown after

Let's make a safe drive with a
good car

Auction inventory
Self-searchable service

You can get a one time password
of the auction

e will issue a one-time password
of auction upon request.

This allows you to search auction 
inventory for up to two weeks.

You can slowly search for one  
that you like from within over  
40,000 inventory at home.

Even if you request a one-time 
password, you are not obliged 
to purchase it.

If you do not find the car you 
want, you do not need anything 
related to this.

We also accept
consultation on Saturdays,
Sundays and public

Please also use those who
are busy on weekdays.

We also accept consultation on
Saturdays, Sundays and public
holidays. Inquiries from the message
form are accepted 24 hours.
The answer may be within business
days, business hours.

Auction stock search service: free JPY 0

※Auction stock search service is completely free.

Please do not hesitate to apply.


Flow of Auction inventory
search service

We will introduce the flow from inquiry to
providing service.


Type of car you want, year, mileage, color,
equipment, budget etc.

Please let us know your request as much
as possible.

If there is a car close to your request,
I will report it quickly

We will introduce auction sheets, photos,
estimates and monetary amounts together.

Please consider enough

Free consultation

Case of Proforma invoice

It is our motto to emphasize dialogue
with customers.

Listen carefully to the 
customer's story and hear carefully
over time. 

If there is a problem with the car you
presented, please do not hesitate
to tell me your new hope. 

Until you agree, I will look for it again
and again.

Proforma invoice issue,

Case of Proforma invoice

If you can consent to your budget, content .
Proforma invoice willbe issued. 

Please check the contents.

If there is no problem in contents, please
make a TT transfer to the designated 

Please send me a picture of TT copy after


The average flight period for stock cars is
just 11 days. 

Please please hurry your payment.
Inventory will not be locked until payment 
to account is confirmed. 

Depending on the timing of deposits,
inventory vehicles may be sold out. 

In the event that it becomes sold out after
payment, the full amount will be refunded 

Please do not worry.

Vehicle transportation
and export procedures

We will transport the vehicle to the port
and start the export procedure.

For the rest of the steps, please visit the 
Servis flow page.

Used case : Auction
inventory search service
and Equipment
installation service

Hurry prepared
alternative car at our

Tanzania Mr.Bh***

Even though the customer has
already paid for the price, he was in
trouble because he could not
prepare his favorite car

The customer remitted the price for
purchasing a used car at another store.

However, due to the reasons of
dealerships, we were unable to
secure the car we originally

For this reason, the customer will take
advantage of the transferredfunds and
look for a new car.

However, in other shops there are
few types of vehicles that we can
suggest and we are having trouble.

Therefore, from the auction stock
prepared by I.T.V, we could
propose your desired car quickly.

I was thankful that the budget
also fell within the desired range.

Searching for an auction site
by myself, I found an
ideal one.

Kenya Mr.mh****

I was able to find the one.

Mr.mh who is committed to cars.
He has browsed various used
car sites. But he could not find his 
ideal car. We will issue a one-time
password that allows me to
search auction sites by I.T.V.

With this, you can freely check
over 40,000 inventory at home.
He was able to find my favorite
Prado there.
This car was successfully
purchased and exported.

Thank you very much for that

What do you think?

 In this way, our auction inventory
search service enables quick
introduction and low cost procurement.

If you are interested in auction stock 
search service, 

please do not hesitate to make inquiries
and consult us.