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Useful information to buy Prado at a low cost

Here, we will inform you of your troubles
and information to resolve the doubts.

Five ways to solve the high cost of Prado


  • If you buy it now
  • Is audio less attention?
  • What is the low cost model in Prado?
  • What is unpopular color?

If you buy it now!

Used car prices are declining
every month.

To sell inventory purchased by dealers at
ordinary dealers.

The stock period of the dealer is said to be
2-3 months.

That is, the price at the time of purchase
three months ago is fixed at the purchase
price of the dealer.

As you know, the quoted price of used cars
declines each year.

It is said that the speed is about 7% per month.

Therefore, the purchase price of a general
dealership is high price three months ago
It will be fixed.

 I.T.V makes it possible to purchase at the
cheapest price at the present time in order
to bid and purchase according to the
customer's order.

Please contact I.T.V if you have an interesting

Audio less is aim

Audioless car is low cost.

Auction exhibition vehicle has a car with no
audio attached.

For audioless cars, the same age, the price
is quite cheap even at the same mileage
It is often set. 

Audio-less car is attention.

I.T.V is able to respond to audio installation
before exporting.

Buy low cost Audio-less cars and save

Low cost vehicles in Prado?

4000cc engine is powerful

Is there a low cost car model at Prado?

Yes, it is GRJ 150.

Because the displacement is 4000 cc,
we are proud of the power of surplus.

The maximum output and torque is
larger than 2700 cc of GRJ 150.

For this reason it is easy to handle at
low speed, quiet and powerful at high

The new car price is more expensive
than 2700 cc.
However, due to the difference in fuel
consumption performance, the auction
price tends to be bigger than the price
decrease from 2700 cc.
If you want powerful running or quiet
at high speed,

GRJ 150 can be recommended.

What is unpopular color?

Black and white silver is a
popular color.

Choosing an unpopular color car is
effective in reducing auction prices.

Most of Prado is one of three colors:
white, black and silver.

If you choose a car of any other
color you can purchase it relatively

What is the color of your favorite car?