We look for used car auctions throughout Japan. If you are concerning Land Cruiser Prado, please explore and export to Prado Specialty Shop ITV

Prado Specialty Shop I.T.V

Prado Specialty Shop & Auction Stock Search I.T.V

4-4-20-409 Minamigase, Saiwai, Kawasaki-city, Japan

(25 minutes walk from JR Shinakawasaki station)

Business hours
Regular holiday 

Please do not hesitate to Contact us

Service flow

I will explain the flow from inquiry
to the start of service provision.


It is safe for those who do not have time on weekdays.

For those who are busy with work on
weekdays, we will accept inquiries on
the form for 24 hours.

Please feel free to contact us please.

Free consultation

We value the dialogue with

It is our motto to emphasize dialogue
with customers. Listen carefully to the
customer's story and hear carefully
over time.

Please contact us as much as possible
regarding the final destination country,
the type of car you want, year,
equipment,budget etc.

Presentation of candidate

Our company has also
enriched our follow-up

The person in charge searches from the
inventory of more than 40,000 in Japan
all over the country.

We will contact you as soon as we find
a car that fits your needs.

Please consider the contents.

I will look for it again and again until
I find one of my favorites.

Please tell me your wishes.

Proforma invoice,Order,Pay

We are waiting for payment
and payment.

If you can consent to your budget, content
Proforma invoice will be issued.

Please transfer money to designated
account by TT.

Please send me a picture of TT copy
after transfer.


The average flight period for stock
cars is just 11 days.

Please please hurry your payment.

Inventory will not be locked until
payment to account is confirmed.
Depending on the timing of deposits,
inventory vehicles may be sold out.

In this case the full amount will be 

refunded safely.

Please do not worry.

In the case of stock car sold-out,
it is also possible to transfer it to
the price of a car equivalent to an
order car with deposited funds and

Vehicle transport,
pre-export inspection,

I will transport your car to
the port.

Carry the vehicle to the export port,
and conduct a pre-export inspection.

In the case of passing the inspection,
we will carry out customs clearance
and shipping.

After carrying in the port, optional
equipment may be installed.

Shipping, BL shipping

We will definitely deliver
BL original with DHL.

After shipping it will be shipped

East Africa, Mombasa Usually
it is a transportation period of
6-8 weeks.

BL will be mail attached in
a few days after shipping, and
the base paper will be sent DHL.

DHL arrival is usually about two
Please contact DHL for details of
BL arrival.

Arrival of ferry, customs

Please check with the shipping
company with BL described in
the ship's arrival schedule.

Customs must arrange for
customs clearance after arrival,
domestic transport.

Arrival, confirmation

Please check the car you

Please confirm about arriving

Please contact I.T.V if there
are any problems.

We will respond to the maximum

Please send impressions to I.T.V
by all means on arrival of the vehicle.

If you send us your impressions,
we will send you a nice present.

Enjoy Drive

Reliable Prado is safe for
long distance travel.

Enjoy a pleasant trip and drive
with your child and family.