We look for used car auctions throughout Japan. If you are concerning Land Cruiser Prado, please explore and export to Prado Specialty Shop ITV

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Prado Specialty Shop & Auction Stock Search I.T.V

4-4-20-409 Minamigase, Saiwai, Kawasaki-city, Japan

(25 minutes walk from JR Shinakawasaki station)

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If you want the Hight quality Prado
We will Serch from all overJapan.

◆Prado Specialty Used car
export & Auction
Stock Search 

Welcome to I.T.V. Our company is
an expert who exports used cars
of Japanese car abroad.

Our company has the right to
participate in Auction of many
used car traders specialized
in Japan.

We carefully select and purchase
good quality Toyota Land Cruiser
Prado from the used cars
circulating throughout Japan and
export it.

Prado is sturdy and famous.
Especially the 2015 diesel is
added attention.

Our customers are all over the world.
Especially there are many customers
in Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda
in East Africa.
In Kenya we can accommodate
in all over Kenya such
as Nairobi Central, 
City Square, Mombasa, Nakuru,
Kisumu, Olenguruone etc.

By providing vehicles of good
quality and cheaper than
market prices,

We support you and your family
safely,comfortably moving
and enjoyable travel.

Our characteristics

Abundant  experience of
used car export

There are many used car export
shops where business starts and
withdraws in 1 - 2 years. 

We have over 8 years experience
and experience. This has abundant
experience in many countries,
especially East African countries. 

We will respond with familiarity
with circumstances such as
regulations for each country of
destination, pre-export inspections.
We also cooperate with suppliers
i-Auc. With this, you can access a
huge auction stock of over 40
thousand units from auction
venues throughout the country.

So, we can certainly find the
one you would like.

Reliable full cover vehicle
insurance system

All our cars can be covered with full
cover type vehicle insurance for
our export vehicles. 

Regular export vehicle
insurance guarantees vehicle
fee only at the time of ferry sinking. 

As a result, it can not cope with
scratches during transportation, 
theft of audio  equipment, etc.   
The full cover type insurance
we prepare also covers such as
scratches during transportation
and theft of equipment. 
By ordering this insurance you
can safely export and transport.

Confirmation survey of 
vehicle production year

The number of years displayed on  
the auction sheet of the vehicle is 
the first registration year.
This year may be different from 
the year of manufacture.

Please inquire when the
confirmation of the manufacturing
year is necessary depending on
the circumstances of the final
destination country.

I will inform you by confirming
the manufacturing year. 

Howeve, due  to the circumstances
of the  system, 
some  vehicles can not confirm the
year of manufacture.

Information on our service

Search and Sell Auctioned Cars

Look for one unit that fits your
needs from among auction
registration vehicles dedicatedto
over 40,000 units. In general 
dealers,we sell it from our

The average stock period is about 
2-3 months. Therefore, the price 
purchased by the dealer will 
remain at the price three months

However,the average price of used 
carswill drop by about 7% per 
month. Therefore, purchasing from 
the auctionis the cheapest way to 
purchase it.

We will investigate quickly within 4 
days and respond. I will not contact 
you if I can not find it.
We do not do any unnecessary 
sales or persistent sales calls.

Please do not hesitate to contact us.

Auction inventory 
Self-searchable service

We will issue a one-time password
of auction upon request.
This allows you to search auction 
inventory for up to two weeks.

You can slowly search for one  
that you like from within over   
40,000 inventory at home.
Even if you request a one-time 
password, you are not obliged 
to purchase it.

If you do not find the car you 
want, you do not need anything 
related to this.

Service to add a car photo

The data of the car provided from
the auction is a picture of the
auction seat and the vehicle.
Depending on the auction site,
the number of pictures may
not be enough.So, there is a
service called preview of
the current car at the auction site.
There is a venue to respond to
photo shoot with option of
preview service.

We will use this service to
acquire additional photos of 
your car and send it.
Please specify the part that you
need pictures with your desired
However, previewing service
may not be available at the
venue or by car.
In this case additional photos
can not be obtained.

Please forgive me ahead.
Photographs are taken and
transmitted as quickly as
However, it takes a few days
depending on the venue.
No cost is required for
photography and transmission.

There is no obligation to
purchase by sending photos.
Please do not worry.

Representative Kunio Ito


Welcome to Prado specialized used
car export & Auction Stock Serch I.T.V.
We depart from Kawasaki in Japan.

Our company looks for your ideal
used car out of enormous auction
stock and exports safely and surely.

Our customers are all over the world.
Especially there are many customers 
in Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda 
​in East Africa.

In Kenya we can accommodate
customers such as Nairobi Central,
airobi City Square, Mombasa,
Nakuru, Kisumu, Olenguruone.

Enjoy a delightful excursion with
your family and a trip with your
ideal one.

Please use freely

Rrepresentative profile

Customer's Voice

I give you 5 stars on

Dear Guys I give you 5 stars on
The Unit was as intact and
beautiful just like you had said.
I was more than impressesed
and ITO convinced me not to
Am very happy and have no
problems at all.
I look forward to doing more
business with you in the
near future.
I will definitely recommend
other customers to buy from you.

good service hope to work
with you again.

Dear Kunio,Thanks we have
received the car.
It is good as per your sale
condition,good service hope
to work with you again.


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4-4-20-409 Minamigase, Saiwai, Kawasaki-city, Japan
(25 minutes walk from JR Shinakawasaki station)

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